Dolce & Gabbana SS14 Beauty

Wake up, it's spring time!

As your skin can’t wait to finally see the sunlight again, you should forget about bright red lips and thick black eyeliner for a second and go for a softer daytime make up. The Dolce & Gabbana SS14 runway looks are a perfect example: they are fresh, glowing... and simply suit everybody! 
Here are 10 easy steps to create this elegant and timeless look yourself:

1. Mix your liquid foundation with a lotion before applying to your face. This will make your skin shine through for a no-make-up-effect. Conceal imperfections and highlight your front, the back of your nose and the hollow on your upper lip with a shiny highlighter. 2. Don’t use powder, unless you want to destroy everything! 3. Lightly apply blush in a rosé shade to your hairline, temples, cheek bones and chin (this video explains how to). You can also apply it to your eyelid crease to make you look more awake. 4. Shape and contour your eyebrows. In case you don’t have a brow liner, apply brown eyeshadow with a thin moistened brush. Be careful not to use a color that’s too dark – the perfect shade should be a little lighter than the actual color of you eyebrows. 5. Use golden eyeshadow on your eyelid and the inner corner of your eyes if your eye color is dark (brown or dark green). In case it isn’t (blue, light green, grey eyes), you should rather use silver eyeshadow. 6. Dark eyes: apply chocolate colored eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it into the eyelid crease. If your eyes are light, you can use grey eyeshadow. 7. Apply a thin line of dark brown or black eyeliner to accentuate your eyelashes. You can run it a little thicker at the end of your eye and let it swipe upwards to create a cat eye look.  8. Coat your lashes. Be careful not to make them stick together as we are trying to create a soft daytime look. 9. Add cream lipstick in a rosé shade to the middle of your lips and use your fingers to blend the color to the corners. 10.  A wildly braided updo suits this look perfectly. I also recommend finger nails in a nude shade.

Scroll down for more Dolce & Gabbana SS14 beauty inspiration and don't miss this beautiful behind the scenes video.

Wardrobe Essentials Part One

The key to great personal style is above all a strong and carefully chosen wardrobe foundation. 

There are three simple rules to follow: choose good quality pieces made of well crafted fabrics like silk, cashmere and cotton. Colors like black, white and nude are perfect for your foundation since they are discrete and can be worn with everything. Furthermore, you should go for simple and timeless shapes. In theory, all your basic garments should now match each other, so you have a lot of different basic outfits that you can always rely on. This does not only simplify your mornings in front of the closet (no more "I have nothing to wear!"), it is also economic: your basic items will survive every fashion trend and will therefore, as well as for their quality, last longer than just one season. So stop spending all your money in statement pieces and concentrate on the soul of your wardrobe, first of all!

9 items your wardrobe shouldn't be missing:

1. A white t-shirt. Finding the perfect white t-shirt is a science for itself, but once you have tried it on, you will immediately recognize it. I found mine in the H&M men's section at the Brandenburger Tor last year, it's shape was perfect and the fabric so smooth. Unfortunately, an H&M garment isn't made for eternity, so I will have to get it re-tailored soon. 2. A blazer. I prefer it slightly oversized with a straight shape and accentuated shoulders. You should go for a softer version if you have well-built shoulders - you don't want to look like a rugby player, right? 3. A trench coat. It doesn't have to be raining to take this british classic out for a walk! The Burberry original is certainly worth an investment. 4. A leather jacket. Whether you're wearing a floral dress or shorts, a biker jacket adds instant coolness to every look. 5. A white blouse. An oversize version worn over your bikini at the beach or just tucked into your jeans, a white blouse always looks elegant. 6. A cashmere or angora sweater. The perfect garment to cuddle into on a rainy afternoon (combined with a cup of warm milk and honey, of course). 7. Black skinny jeans. Luckily, we're done with the bell-bottoms trend! 8. The little black dress - an all time classic. It's shape should be simple so you can wear it during the day without being overdressed. Anyway, you can always go for a second or third little black dress which is a bit more glamorous! 9. Black waxed jeans. The cooler version of normal black jeans.

Keep in mind that the most important rule of wardrobe curation is to find a uniform that flatters your body shape. I will get back on that in one of my next posts!


Hi, I'm Jessica, a generation y girl who is trying to find her path in life. Currently I am dipping my toes into the deep water of the modeling business. 
Since my year abroad in Paris I have been in love with the city and adore the Parisian Chic, which inspired my wish to build the perfect wardrobe.  

Right now, I am sitting in front of my laptop with a cup of warm milk and honey, my favorite drink on rainy afternoons like today. 
Thus the title of my blog : lait au miel [lɛomjɛl], which is the french term for the most marvelous drink in the world.

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